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Herman Boone’s daughter, Nicky Boone, also gives us a glimpse into the Negro’s views of the white.Seeing Sheryl Yoast, Bill Yoasts’ daughter, jump up and down during a football match, Carol asks, “Mama, are all white girls crazy?

When the husband realizes that Boone’s family is actually settling in the house in front of them, he says bitterly, “It only takes one, the next time, we’re gonna be overrun by them.” Such statement reflects animosity towards the black race and is indicative of how the white race thinks of the African-Americans " that they just run amok and is without control. When Ronnie ‘Sunshine’ Bass, a Caucasian hippie from Florida, walked in with Petey Jones in a restaurant after a Titans victory, the restaurant owner said that they’re already full when it’s apparent that there are still a lot of vacant tables.

Other similar scenes strengthen the film’s portrayal of schemas and stereotypes. Gerry Bertier leads the discrimination when he approached Boone prior to going to Gettysburg College for training. He shoos the players away with a demeaning, “Now you all want something to eat?

(Meyers, 2003)A couple of experiments have also proven that schemas persist even in the face of contradicting evidence.

This, dubbed as the perseverance effect, applies both to the way we see other people and the way we see ourselves. In fact, a couple of scenes portray people " both Caucasians and African-Americans " applying schemas and stereotypes in sizing up the people around them.

But the discrimination does not only lie with the white " the blacks also tend to discriminate against the white people.

When African-American students first stepped into T. Williams High School, we see the way the look at the white girls " sort of questioning, degrading, as if asking why such creatures can actually co-exist with them.

And during training, when Blue Stanton was listening to Alan Bosley’s music, he cries out, “Does the term "cruel and unusual punishment" mean anything to you?

” " this shows how much blacks like sticking to ‘their own kind’ and hate having to be forced to listen to white people’s sounds.

This “general person-schema” is what we call stereotypes.

But schemas can also tell us something about a particular person, including ourselves.


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