Essay On Influence Of Media On Present Generation

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My goal for this paper was to show people how social media, which now affects every aspect of our lives, changes how we perceive others identities and our own.

I think I was able to accomplish this by talking about the different things people can face while they are on the internet as well as some people' choice to create a new person that they could live through.

When lies make up our true identity, then do we really have a Self and is there really anything more than what’s written on our social media bio?

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They post to show the world who they are and what they do.

It’s as though they are not a person unless they post everything that happens in their life.For me I think with the many things we can do with social media, people have taken advantage of that and changed how they present themselves to the world.We are the generation of connecting, the generation of giving all of ourselves to the internet.As we create these elaborate profiles around ourselves, making our lives seem perfect, we lose our true selves.Changing identity between different social media accounts is discussed in For instance, one person can create multiple accounts on different sites, or even the same site, each of which reflect a different aspect or facet of their identity.It could also mean that there is no meaning to their life if they are not connected in some way to the apps on their phone.Simply Zesty’s article, Social media has afforded us a unique opportunity to build a very visible, permanent record of ourselves, albeit through a digital medium.On Catfish people have complete relationships with a person they have never met and only met through Facebook or something similar.Some of these relationships can last for years, all you know is the person writing the messages and the picture that is on a profile.One of those ways we connect is through social media, such as Youtube, Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook.With the increase of social media and the amount of things people are able to do on these platforms, there are a lot of people who incorporate it into their whole being.


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