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Others have called attention to the economic motives, including “the need for raw materials, secure markets, or investment opportunities.” While some historians have denied that technological changes made any difference in the history of imperialism, no general conclusions have been made about the relationship between the two.While motives are, of course, important, technology, the means by which the Europeans conquered such vast areas so rapidly, is also significant.A considerable debate has focused around the causes of the “new imperialism” of the late nineteenth century.

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Imperialism was first practiced in Samoa which motivated the rest of the America.

The United States had positive motives when they got involved in the task.

But the steamboat alone would not have made possible the penetration of Africa.

Tropical diseases, especially malaria, carried off often more than half of the European personnel in some of the early nineteenth-century expeditions into the interior of the Dark Continent.

Their reason for participation was to control economy and compete with other industrialized nations as well as to maintain their reputation in other countries.

Another motive was to obtain a constant market for gainful investments.There were several steps in this process during the century, although up until the 1830s the British Army itself was using a musket similar to what had been used in the Battle of Blenheim in 1704.Percussion caps, rifling, cylindoconoidal bullets, and paper cartridges were components of a first stage that brought the muzzle-loader to its “peak of perfection.” A second stage included a more rapid firing breech loader beginning with the Prussian needle gun and culminating with the Maxim machine gun.The human carnage was such that even imperialists such as Winston Churchill were almost abashed by such long-range slaughter of brave men.The native armies usually attacked, which was a major aspect of their downfall.A negotiation between American officials and Britain confirmed the America’s domination and regulation over the canal.A French canal company official gave Americans a central section of Panama to build the canal.There was also the religious motivation with the desire to introduce Christianity to foreign and traditional cultures (Streich, 2009, p.1).Americans viewed imperialism as a way of uplifting the uncivilized people in the world in a moral way.Some early guerrillas, and groups who were able for a short time to secure European weapons, were remarkably hard to put down—an omen of the future.What the Europeans themselves would only realize as they mowed down each other in the First World War was that the new weapons had a defensive advantage which made the offensive charges of the past obsolete.


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