Essay On Equality For Men And Women

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Women and girls are often foremost among those who miss out. But many others suffer from the lack of infrastructure, public services and social protection that affect their rights and well-being.” says Varanisese Maisamoa, President of the Rakiraki Market Vendors Association.

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As the fourth industrial revolution unfolds, the future of jobs will be defined by innovation.

While more girls are attending school than before, girls are significantly under-represented in STEM subjects in many settings.

“The cassava crop cannot be left in the ground too long, because it rots,” says 52-year-old Tukuri Marie Chantal.

It’s a simple equation—with land ownership and better roads, it takes less time and costs less to transport produce, and that means more income for women farmers.

Yet, too many women still die giving birth, especially in poorer countries where services may be limited and poor in quality.

With 1,072 maternal deaths for every 100,000 births, Liberia has one of the highest maternal mortality rates in the world.

In the remote areas, infrastructure and facilities in clinics are often lacking; midwives and health-care workers have to deliver babies without any electricity at night.

“It’s really challenging to assist with a delivery using my phone’s light, because I can’t see clearly.

“For most of us women market vendors, we focus only on coming to the market to make money.

But what if there is a cyclone or flooding that makes it impossible for us to be in the market?


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