Essay On Environment Conservation

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If humanity causes the extinction of one species, it is really the extinction of many species and the decline of our life-support system for us and future generations.

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We find around us air pollution, water pollution, noise pollution, nuclear pollution, ecological imbalance and increase in heat and radiation.

Today’s environment is not pure and natural due to these pollutions.

Any external force, condition which affects the organisms in a way is known as factor and sum of all such factors constitutes environment.

Importance of Environment Our life-support system’s health is maintained by all the species that make-up the biosphere from the smallest to the largest (our biodiversity).

They also maintain the health of plants and spread their seeds.

The actual processes that take place between species and the environment are extremely complex and vulnerable.

Due to the housing problem, the life of big cities became more complex.

Conserving Environment If environmental education is given to future citizens in the present day schools by formal and informal methods, humanity can get rid of this danger.

Since last two decades, there is debate among researchers and environmentalists for nature conservation that involved the issue of biological diversity and ways to preserve it.

Conservation of environment simply indicates the sustainable use as well as management of natural resources which include wildlife, water, air, and earth deposits.


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