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Listening to musiccould be the golden solution for your child.

Students definitely need to be granted the freedom to listen music during classes.

Have you ever wondered why there is always music playing in the gym or why people can’t go on runs without their headphone?

Simply put, music serves as the motivation to work out harder.

First of all, why I love listening to music because it relaxes and calms me down from a hectic day.

Such as, four hours of school and I have so much work to do, I just turn on the i Pod it seems like time flies by and before you know it, your done. Most people enjoy listening to music and often state that they can’t live without it. Aside from the general pleasures music brings, it also provides several health benefits that many are unaware of. From car rides home, to intense workouts in the gym, or even the tunes that play in the movies and TV shows we watch—we encounter music regularly.Research has found that listening to music at various times promotes better sleep patterns for people and even creates more restful sleep.Are you ever worried or anxious about something and don’t know what to do?For some people, music serves as a distraction, but this does not apply for everyone. Jennifer Ellingson, a teacher at Floyd Dryden Middle School says, "Music is the best thing ever created. It should also be recognized that music helps keep the brain relaxed, happy, and alert(“Listening to music while you study makes you smarter” par. As stated in an article "Music and Learning" on website, "Music relaxes the mind and lowers stress levels that inhibit learning” (qtd. Music can be relaxing, because it helps you forget about things that are stressful and help you to focus” (Petersen par. Some people believe that songs with lyrics and melody can distract a student while studying, and hence, the speed of doing work will decrease. But there is music, and every day 1000’s of kids are trying to teach themselves their favorite headliners, and that’s how we learn to play our instruments in the first place. They have some really hardcore guitar riffs, but they also got some sweet Synth tracks and stuff like that. They also redid an old House of Pain song, "Jump Around".So, now that I’ve convinced you WHY I am doing this listening report, here is the actual thing: The song (the only one by this group) on the CD is New Skin by Incubus which is really cool, because to most people it sounds a lot like rap, but to me it is a really fast-paced alternative music song because of the actual instrument playing (not featured in the basic drum tracks of rap music) and the repeated chorus, which sounds really cool because the bassist and lead vocals play and sing on a perfect 4th. Their biggest headliner is Blue Monday, which is a really kickass remake of the David Bowie Original. The best thing about them, though, has got to be their Vocal Distortions. These guys co-starred the tour, and performed such songs as Faith, you’ve probably heard people singing this song. As Cho suggests, with this state, when the brain is relaxed and calm,work is d... When I sat down to do a Listening report last night, I started thinking, "Who am I kidding? I am never going to push myself to listen to 15 Jazz CD’s in a week and a half, so I am going to do the remainder of my listening reports on music that I like to listen to.


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