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The Social Effects of Television The social effects of television are numerous and definitely vary in positive and negative ways.

The Social Effects of Television The social effects of television are numerous and definitely vary in positive and negative ways.Since television was first introduced it’s been a very large part of America’s society.The Readers Digest is another international publication read by millions all over the world even today. The Voice of America, the Iraq Radio, All India Radio and Radio Pakistan were all broadcasting news to highlight or cover up their strengths and weaknesses. C of London and Star Network, all claiming to have the largest viewership.

Everywhere you look on television there is a sex scene or a love scene.

Many parents are very worried that their children should not be viewing this material, and at this point there are not many good ways to keep them from watching it.

Television now uses a rating system for all of its shows, but that is ignored by a good percent of the population.

Television also takes all people away from reading and other activities that could be done in place of the 5 hours that is spent in front of the television every afternoon and night.

But it is a different scene today with a fierce competition between different channels like CNN and ABC of U. They further have specialized channels beaming programmes related to one nature only, be it music, cinema or sports.

The viewers can veritably splurge on these programmes.Many people view television as a very positive form of entertainment, as it is without a doubt the most popular kind in the world.There are also those people who say that television is going to be the downfall of our In 1996, a census was taken and it was found that 99% of Americans have at least one television in their home. Television can expose children to situations that they should definitely not view at young ages.We learn about a special occasion, like a new exhibiton or concert, only from TV. It is an easy, cheap and comfortable way of resting.We can watch a movie - we have access to all kinds of them, from comedy to horror. Furthermore, we are constantly fashionable, because we notice the differences in fashions and styles.Moreover, television gives us not only entertainment but also knowledge.Our children can learn new things not only from school or books but also from TV programmes.Although television has so many advantages, it also has disadvantages. It is often said that TV is a fantastic way of relaxing. We often are so tired that we want to do nothing but sit in a comfortable armchair and watch movies and advertisements.But we do not consider the possible danger which we are exposed to while watching TV. Although sitting and relaxing is needed, we should try to search new, atractive methods of making ourselves happier. For many people, the main idea of watching TV is to obtain information about what is happening in the world.Due to television, people know about the political and economic situation of their own and other countries.


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