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How can one expect a machine to do all this multitudinous variety of things?The answer is that we should consider the machine to be doing something quite simple, namely carrying out orders given to it in a standard form which it is able to understand.” ; they were excited by the potential the new silicon chips had to let them build their own computers.

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The British also needed mathematicians to crack the German Navy’s Enigma code.

Turing worked in the British top-secret at Bletchley Park.

If the judge is wrong the computer has passed the Turing Test and is intelligent.

Although Turing’s vision of AI has not yet been achieved, aspects of AI are increasingly entering our daily lives.

One Turing Machine could calculate square roots, whilst another might solve Sudoku puzzles.

Turing demonstrated you could construct a single that could simulate any Turing Machine.

One machine solving any problem, performing any task for which a program could be written—sound familiar? Back then, computers were people; they compiled actuarial tables and did engineering calculations.

As the Allies prepared for World War II they faced a critical shortage of human computers for military calculations.


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