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If a tour of Latin America were still possible, I would want to stop in Peru, Argentina, and Brazil.But by that time my funds would probably have run low. For me there is only one answer: Moscow, the city I will never tire of calling home.

In this Mexican resort, I would swim, sunbathes and eat spicy foods.

At this time it would be necessary to count my remaining travellers checks.

Nowadays we can experience traditional food of a particular country or countries which is cooked world wide.

This is due to people traveling more often and learning how other countries specialize in their cooking traditions.

Continuing South, I would trace the beginning of Western civilization. Certainly a chance to see the pyramids should not be missed.

Next, I would fly east to visit the shimmering island of Ceylon.

Foreign travel contributes to a person's education. It is important to savour other nation's culture, experience first hand the way they live, cook and do things in everyday life.

People acquire information and increase their knowledge. This fosters understanding and bridges the gap between nations.

Our climate is too warm to practice such sport, so skiing abroad is a yearly destination for those who enjoy it.

For most people there is no problem in deciding how they are going to spend the money they earn - it all goes on housing, food, clothes, transport and, if they are lucky, leisure and some holidays.


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