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Florida was the 27th state in the USA; it was admitted on March 3, 1845.The state is the fourth most populated in the US with a population of 16,713,149 and growing. The major Lakes are Lake Okeechobee, and Lake George.I’ve thought of this undead place in many ways: an abscessed tooth I refuse to pull because I’m terrified of the way my body might choose to atrophy; potato vines crawling inside an air-conditioning unit until the whole thing shuts down and floods the carpet in my shitty duplex; a family of feral blue-eyed cats living inside an abandoned car parked behind a 7-Eleven; the beautiful, contorted face of a rabid animal. Here’s what I know: If I don’t love Florida, I don’t love myself. I watch a storm roll in, palm fronds slapping against each other like excited hands.

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These three areas bring the state its booming business in the tourism industry.

Summer time is usually the prime time for tourism in Florida due to the sunny warm weather.

I grew up in a small rental house directly across the street from a topless bar.

We faced its backside, and that topless bar faced a larger six-lane highway.

I am writing this as the weather turns, again and again.

Maybe that’s the reason it’s so hard to write about Florida. I know this isn’t the kind of place you can write an essay about. WHERE SHOPPING IS A PLEASURE It takes 15 minutes for the people at Publix to build my pub sub, which is 12 minutes longer than any other establishment takes to make a sandwich.Called “Orlando’s Grave,” it’s rumored that the ending was simply dropped for concision’s sake. It’s the snow cone shop where the owner throws hunks of ice at the kids while they wait for frozen dollar treats, even in December. Even standing in the torrential rain of daily August thunderstorms. It’s the place where you learn the contours of your body through sweaty shorts and tank tops.A place named after a grave is an interesting way to think about where you’re born. It’s a battle cry for Christ’s triumphant victory over death, but it made me think of zombies. Springy Spanish moss hangs from trees like ancient party streamers, close-set palmetto bushes breed 100 slick-backed roaches, the prick of sandspurs digs into my bare feet as I run across a yard. It’s a damp, cold bathing suit pulled down around your ankles while you pee in a friend’s bathroom at a pool party.When a girl opened her mouth to show that she could, a boy tossed a tiny frog inside. I’m trying to build something new in this essay, but the honest truth is that some of the bad stereotypes are accurate.Some of those frogs got spit out and others landed between molars, bit down hard after a scream. They sprayed the retention pond with a poison that killed off everything, including the fish and the birds. Something strange and close, adhered to your flesh. THERE LIES ORLANDO Central Florida has the special significance of being just far enough away from either end of the state that we’re neither Northern nor Southern, but an amalgam of everything.This is great for tourism and terrible for a sense of place: It means that people call you tacky because your home serves the purpose of entertaining strangers for money.The history of Orlando includes a fuzzy and unverified account of its naming.Tallahassee is the state capital, but the largest city is Jacksonville. Currently, the state's major industries include tourism, agriculture (oranges, grapefruit, and tomatoes), and electronics.Total, Florida takes up 65, 758 square miles of the country, making it the twenty- second largest state in the United States. Three of the biggest tourist attractions in Florida are Disney World, Busch Gardens, and Discovery Cove.We have strip clubs and the long, endless stretches of strip malls that line the roads outside Disney.Sometimes the word is used in conjunction with our coastlines, sadly stripped of their natural resources.


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