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Too simple to be a Veronica or Vanessa, to sophisticated to be an Ann or Cindy, Amanda just seems to fit all around. Simple and easy going, yet with an aesthetic appreciation and a thirst to satisfy artistic and expressive needs. It feels like a good pair of old jeans, broken in and comfortable. At first, they seem awkward and stiff; but as time passes they grow to be natural and perfect.

Ideally, this should come at the end of your introduction, so that the next paragraph can jump right into your main points. Pay attention to your word choice and verb constructions.

For a refresher on the thesis statement, check out my recent postings on Thesis Statements and Motives. Do not open with a question, contrary to what your teacher might advise. ’ Sometimes you will find that the first paragraph you write is a mere ‘clearing of your throat,’ when in reality, it sounds much better to just get to the heart of the matter. Shorter, clearer sentences are always better than longer, rambling ones. Try breaking down your introduction to the following “bare bones” and working up from there: Kathleen Mc Gunagle is a senior in Princeton University’s English department and Interdisciplinary Humanities Certificate Program.

I remember it being Tuesday because that was the day I had religion class after school. At the age of five, I had become certain beyond a shadow of a doubt that the name Amanda was too un-extraordinary for someone like me.

To remedy this, I strutted into my classroom on the bottom floor of the church school and declared that my first name was so horribly unsuitable to me that I would respond only to my middle name, Elizabeth.


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