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The immunoassay landscape has, however, dramatically changed in recent years with the development of reduced assay steps protocols, no wash ELISAs and new automated systems designed to run ELISA.

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When coupled with the breadth of existing global expertise in immunoassays, it is easy to see why ELISA still remains the methodology of choice by those labs tasked with analyte detection.

Other automated instrumentation is designed to support the creation/coating of ELISA assay plates or contains cartridge-based delivery of assay reagents to reduce set-up time.

New developments in automated plate washing and the minimisation of wash steps are also impacting conventional ELISAs.

The preferred manufacturer of these ELISA washers was Bio Tek (Figure 5).

The majority (51%) of survey respondents were using the 96-well microplate as their primary assay format for ELISA assays today (2012).


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