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We mean the enormous expenditures devoted purely to securing a “better ranking” in the magazine surveys.We mean the progressive reduction in academic, intellectual, and behavioral expectations that has undermined the culture, learning conditions, and civility of so many campus communities.

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None of this makes for higher learning, nor does it adequately prepare students for employment or citizenship.

We need to rethink the ends and means of higher education.

Without academic expectations to bring structure to students’ time, too much time is wasted.

In the absence of high academic and behavioral expectations, less demanding peer norms become dominant.

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Education Problem In Essays

It must not already be published or committed to publication.

We have reduced K-12 schooling to basic skill acquisition that effectively leaves most students underprepared for college-level learning.

We have bastardized the bachelor’s degree by allowing it to morph into a ticket to a job (though, today, that ticket often doesn’t get you very far).

In the peer culture, time spent on class work, reading, and reflection must be limited; too much of it becomes a stain on a student’s social value.

It has become possible -- even likely -- to survive academically, be retained in school, get passing grades and graduate with a baccalaureate despite long-term patterns of alcohol and other substance abuse that are known to damage the formation of new memories and reduce both the capacity and the readiness to learn.


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