Eastern And Western Cultures Essay

The relationships in the eastern cultures are family centric.Couples for example need to pass through family approvals before taking the step towards something as personal and important as marriage.This is one of the psyches of the East that is not prevalent in the West.

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The same luxury or right has to be fought for and often not granted to the women in the East.

The West is known for its openness and the ease with which several topics are discussed across generations.

This is infact one of the major differences between eastern and western cultures.

The Western world takes time out for travelling as an indispensable part of their lives.

Something as basic as children moving out of the parents’ house after a certain age which is very much common and sanctioned in the western culture is seen as blasphemous to family in the east.

In the east women are still regarded as those who would sacrifice professional life and career in favour of rearing children (yes, just like cattle) and taking care of the family.

Discussing something as basic and important as child birth or sex is still a taboo in the East while that is done with much candour in the West.

The lack of openness and conservative outlook is in fact one of the hurdles in making sex education a must in the East while the same proceeds almost without any hindrance in the West.

It’s the way of looking at life that by and large differs.

For the purpose of clarity, it has been assumed that Asia, including Middle East, depicts the Eastern world while Europe and North America form the Western world.


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