Duke Infamous Senior Thesis

In 2010, Owen released her "faux sex thesis" in the form of a comical Power Point document shortly after her graduation.She faced significant backlash from members of the Duke community where her Power Point was leaked.

The names and many sexual attributes of Owen's previous partners had been given out to these media outlets and made visible to the many people without consent or knowledge from Owen or any of her partner's named in the Power Point.

The document also contained Owen's methodology for ranking each subject.

Many people called for the men to sue Owen because their privacy had been compromised.

The manner in which the victims' lives were affected varied person by person.

The list went viral and was picked up by multiple news outlets such as Jezebel and Deadspin.

These sites released the full version of the document without censoring any personal information.Several people identified problematic aspects of college such as the partying and hookup culture in which Owen's document highlighted.This scandal had not only tarnished Karen Owen's reputation but also reflected poorly on Duke University as a whole.Each athlete described by Owen was assigned a subject number, followed by explicit details about their sexual encounters.These details included memorable moments, pros, and cons.When Owen wrote the document, she intended to only share with her group of friends as it was supposed to be a private joke.Unfortunately, through multiple postings across social media sites, the document spread faster than unexpected.Because of this, Owen promptly deleted all of her social media accounts.She was contacted by producers and writers about creating documentaries and books about her, but she declined these opportunities. Today, Karen Owen's whereabouts are unknown, but it does seem as though she has left social media platforms most likely to avoid harassment or hate.Within days of the list going viral, she responded by completely erasing her presence on social media with the exception of one private Facebook profile.Interestingly, most of the men she exposed lacked a public online presence.


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