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For Jarrow has the same inhabited vine sculpture as has the Ruthwell Cross, copying classicizing scuptural elements foreign to Hibernian or Anglo-Saxon work, and Ceolfrith was specifically noted by Bede to have sent such stone-masons skilled in Roman work to King Nechtan.

And now: Stop Press: Having recently gone to Ravenna in order to perform in concert the music of Dante's Commedia ( I also revisited her splendid churches and the Diocesan museum for their mosaics and carvings.

172, parenthetical independent clauses and ones that form a compound with preceding independent clauses do not participate in the predominant word-order patterns.

Accordingly 62b, 64b and 68b do not interrupt the verb-initial pattern.

and ‘engel dryhtnes’ to be the object, ‘all beheld the angel of the Lord’, ‘all’ anticipating the explicit subject in 11b–12.

According to my understanding, the sentence begins at 9b and ends with 12b.Alas, the museum forbade the taking of any photographs to prove the hypothesis.The elements comprising the Ruthwell Cross and that at Bewcastle, as well as the famous poem in runes sculpted upon Ruthwell, seem to come from all the cultural elements present at Iona, Whitby, Lindisfarne and Jarrow, to be a glorious mixture of Irish, Anglo-Saxon, and Byzantine styles, to be a truly cosmopolitan gathering. In these places she established the monastic life observing righteousness, mercy, peace and charity.The delight of being a pilgrim scholar is in journeying to Carlisle, then across the border from Hadrian's Wall to Bewcastle and Ruthwell to see these ancient monuments, and then to Vercelli in Italy and seeing its manuscript.None of the original versions of this poem are today in England.‘Ne wæs ðær huru fracodes gealga’ is parenthetical, an interruption in the major strain of thought which resumes with ‘ac hine þær beheoldon’ and the full statement of the subject.The chiasmus and the repetition of In my reading each of these begins a sentence.Those under her direction were required to make a thorough study of the Scriptures and occupy themselves in good works, to such good effect that many were found fitted for Holy Orders and the service of God's altar.Five men from this monastery later became bishops.'At Whitby the cowherd Cdmon was too ashamed to sing in turn to the harp the pagan lays, such as Beowulf, that the others sang.Though I earlier made the claim that Hilda was responsible for the Ruthwell Cross, even archeologically embedded in this essay's title, I now believe that it is specifically the result of Ceolfrith and Bede's mission to King Nechtan in 710.(We recall that Ceolfrith was journeying to Rome with the huge Codex Amiatinus when he died in 713.) For my pilgrimage took me not only to Ruthwell, Bewcastle, and Vercelli, but also to Florence, where I organized an international conference of the Laurentian Library's Codex Amiatinus, this changing my mind about my earlier thesis.


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