Does The Fame Essay Change From Year To Year

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Building Better Worlds asks students to analyze how popular pieces of fiction display meaningful and engaging settings.

Students will read various texts across a number of subgenres of fiction.

Instructor: Tristan Gleason The preeminent environmental activist and writer Bill Mc Kibben recently called climate change “the greatest crisis humans have yet faced.” In readings, documentaries, videos, and interactive graphics, we examine the evidence of this global phenomenon and consider the current and future effects on both the planet and its inhabitants.

Since forecasts of an ever-warming planet can verge on the apocalyptic, we step back and survey a range of strategies that countries, states, organizations, and individuals have adopted to address this greatest of crises.

Following this process, each member of our class will select an academic department or major to research using those techniques and research strategies.

At the end of the semester, we will share our research findings with the rest of the class and better understand the programs at Moravian College. Instructor: Chris Hassay What makes a good fictional world?Politicians and many in their constituencies read the same Bible yet often draw different conclusions about what these texts say about today’s social and political issues. healthcare, race relations, incarceration, economics, war, gender and sexuality, same-sex marriage, immigration, the environment).Through critical thinking, intensive writing, and peer review, students will explore biblical and political intersections across issues in U. Students will explore how political leaders incorporate biblical texts and precepts as they promote their own political agendas.This course includes simple, weekly yoga classes with many modifications to meet the abilities of individual students. Instructor: Kristin Baxter Although multiple representations of dying, the dead, and immortality exist in popular culture, western society is depicted as a death-denying society.How do images of death, fictional characters, the undead, and celebrity deaths influence society?Instructor: Theresa Dougal One can view Tolkien’s Lord of the Rings as a meditation on the importance and power of friendship.This course will study how Tolkien, as a devout Roman Catholic and follower of Aristotle, treated friendship in light of Roman Catholic teaching.By looking at the writing produced in different academic disciplines, our class will better understand the programs of study that are available on campus.We will discuss important communication strategies and use various research practices to write analyses of different written documents.We join their efforts by researching and crafting climate change action plans for the places we call home.Instructor: Mark Harris Much like an adventure, our experiences in college offer us the freedom to explore and discover new things.


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