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Fine, but be prepared to write whatever you feel like writing from a college that may not be your first choice.Whether it’s a poem, a random stream of thoughts, sarcasm, or some other form of writing in order to feel more creative, it’s not always the best idea.

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It’s actually super boring and, perhaps, may cause some eyes to roll.

Avoid this topic at all costs unless you’re starting with that followed up with some along the lines of, “…so I decided to leave my cushy private school to switch places at a public high school in Detroit with an inner-city teen and this is what happened.” Now THAT would make for an interesting essay.

While you should feel free to mention a great experience or trip, but your entire essay should not talk about your one experience volunteering during a mission trip in Costa Rica.

If you do want to bring up these topics, try to think of something interesting or unexpected that happened during your trip.

It was there he met Anita, a local elderly woman who wanted to learn how to read but came from a poor family so she never had the opportunity. College essays are similar to life and, in life, nobody likes a braggart.

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These topics are broad, unfocused and make a boring read.

(See example within the opening of this article.) So, you’re creative, smart and so over this whole essay thing.

You’re not going to be put inside a box with a regular essay; you’re going to do your own thing. Some of the best and brightest students do this: basically, they create the anti-essay.

Topics like death and divorce are cautionary because they can be extremely difficult to write about.

While these topics are tough, if you feel passionately that a particular tragedy impacted your life significantly and you do want to write about it, try to keep the essay’s focus on you.


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