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A program patterned along multi-intelligence activities can be devised to respond to the need to develop creative listening and linguistic communication skills.Creative Listening Skills To focus on the listening act itself, it is necessary to remove the misconception that hearing and listening are the same.

A program patterned along multi-intelligence activities can be devised to respond to the need to develop creative listening and linguistic communication skills.

Part II Personal reflection It is very important for every teacher to develop the most appropriate teaching strategies in accordance with individualistic peculiarities of young learners.

In the elementary school children are willing to play more than to learn and this is my main......, people have strived hard to beat all odds and perform feats previously considered impossible by their peers (Zaraysky 2009, 32).

Though listening is a great skill, especially for the public relations people, this is one of the neglected segments of the communication......

Running head: Listening Skills Listening Skills Good listening skills are essential for proper learning.

At times, we may have heard someone complaining, “I hear you, please don’t shout at me.” This is to recognize the physiological process that occurs when sound is received by man’s hearing apparatus.

People may hear, however, but they may not be listening in the sense of recognizing the meaning of those sounds, such as the internal anger or anguish expressed by the speaker.The countenance of silent persons looks better, than the parted lips of those individuals who are ever ready to announce something on any topic, any time, in any situation.Listeners are respected everywhere; glib takers get selective reception!This causes initial confusion to the learner, slowing his pace and.....longer has one single base of authority, prestige and normativity." The authors clarify that World Englishes "represents all varieties except the L1 varieties of places like the UK and USA" (Mesthrie and Bhatt, 2008).Accrdoging to Hoffmann and Siebers (2009), "what is often referred to as "the" English language is in fact a heterogeneous and linguistically fascinating group of first (L1), second (L2) and foreign language varieties.Already, statistics show that 51 percent of minority learners do not finish high school compared with only 10 percent of English speaking learners who do not complete secondary education. Meanwhile, listening skills belong to the unattended self-improvement skills being developed in schools.While much training is given to reading, writing, arithmetic and science, the listening part of the communication process is bypassed or presumed to be virtually learned.To understand the concept of second language acquisition, it is necessary to comprehend some factors that make a language harder to learn than another.The first of these factors is difference in grammatical structure of a language from another. Whereas one language could demand that the verb comes before the subject, another could require that the subject comes before the verb.This paper briefly explains the various listening.....grammar, being able to identify them will help the students have a better knowledge of the English language.Finally, the last question tests the students’ comprehension skills and allows the students to explore and express themselves since words have both form and meaning.


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