Diploma Thesis Defense

The defence of the final thesis is considered to be a state exam. Deadline for submission of diploma thesis, in accordance with valid schedule of full time study, is September 30th.

The result of the final thesis defence shall be evaluated by the grades from A to Fx. Student submits 2 copies of diploma thesis in hardback version to the clinic/department, where was the diploma thesis elaborated.

The objector elaborates a written review of the final thesis. The students who were not accepted by the supervisor can log fort the diploma thesis from February 1st till February 13th, 2019.

The student who has elaborated the final thesis has the right to make the acquaintance of the reviews of the thesis (review of the leader of the final thesis and the objector/objectors) three days before the defence at latest. Till February 20th 2019 the student have to bring to the Student Department a printed and signed paper "Zadanie diplomovej práce" (Assignement).

The final thesis can be elaborated in the Slovak, Czech language or another language, usually English, if the Dean approves it. After this term it won’t be possible to upload diploma thesis to the AIS2!

In case of a thesis written in another language, this thesis shall contain a summary in the Slovak language in scope of one page at least. Format of diploma thesis has to be PDF (instruction to transfer text to PDF), including all attachments, if the thesis consists.

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Final thesis - the diploma thesis is a part of the study.

In the diploma thesis, the student is supposed to demonstrate his/her abilities to work creatively in the chosen study discipline completed within his/her study programme.


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