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More than two generations of people may dwell in the same place to make a family.For a healthy family life, it is important that every individual who is a part of that family should get a chance to express his or her views, have a say in the family and be able to contribute to the well being of the family.There is no doubt that having a composed mother would definitely help in proper growth of the children.

The principals of a family life include equal respect to both the sexes, nurturing children of the family with high moral values, attention to the elderly members, realizing of social responsibilities, self- sufficiency and healthy relations with other members dwelling in the society.

In the traditional set up women were limited to cooking and looking after the household, but the trend has changed with women coming into workspaces and contributing all spheres of life.

Secondly, a diligent father who is always working tirelessly in order to provide for his family while at the same time tries to balance his time in order to spend some several hours with them.

This is honestly my dream father for me, one who is not too harsh towards his kids, and with a heavily build in mind body.

We may have a faulty family far from my dream one but this is a precious gift any one like me could ever have.

Most of us have an image of what our dream family should be like, but unfortunately we live in a promiscuous world.It is while living in a family that children learn to grow from immature and uninformed infants to responsible adults and become competent members of the society.A family must encourage all its members to adhere to social norms and learn to respect civic values and become responsible human beings.My father is the wise, quite arrogant with a lazy character in the family but he is always there for me giving advice as a daughter, which is sufficient for me.Thirdly, having understanding siblings who are ready to generate a foundation that will support each other in the future and not betraying each other when hardship comes is what siblings should be like.However, she is quick tempered by nature, very strict, but regardless trading her for my dream mother would be wrong.My mother is magnificent just the way she is, she is always there for me and she never fails to show me love the best way she knows just like how a good mother should.In brief, for a society to grow and flourish in a peaceful and stable manner, the institution of family is important.Let us define a family before taking the discussion of family life further.However, my father is half of this, he is loving, caring, spends some time with us but he never really works.He is usually either sleeping, eating or watching a movie, but with all these unpleasant qualities my dad is good in doing what he loves such as spending time with the family.


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