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● Write an essay on the given TOPIC covering three of the POINTS below.● Structure: Three or more paragraphs, including an introduction and conclusion ● Length: Around 200 words ● Write your essay in the space provided on side B of your answer sheet. Our modern society offers conveniences and opportunities that previous generations could only have dreamed about.Indian society, like many others, is presently going through a similar phase.

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These very people who talk of individual freedom campaign for insincere politicians in elections and support governments that pay lip service to the Wellbeing of the people.

When you live in the world, you become a part of an unwritten social contract, which imposes certain obligations on you in return for some comforts, opportunities and facilities the world offers in return.

Frankly, there should be no confusion about right and wrong, unless you are dealing with existential problems or abstract concepts.

With intelligence, you can discern the true from false just as you can discern the day from night. At the most fundamental level, there should be no confusion to know the right from wrong.

Morality is not about freedom, but about responsibility.

Morality is mostly not about actions but about values, discipline and self-restraint.What you require is pure common sense and the ability to know instantly and intuitively what is good for you and for society and what protects your soul from evil and what does not.A discerning person is saved from downfall, while those who lack common sense and the discriminating intelligence perish by their own indiscriminate actions.Unfortunately, there also seems to be a decline in moral values.One example is the problem of increasing crime and a .In many of the developed countries we see this trend of crime and selfishness. The practice of religion tends to reinforce good moral values.But these days fewer people have deep religious convictions. Furthermore, people are affected by television and .When these laws fell into disuse or corrupted by perverted logic, society usually fell into chaos and disorder. The rot that sets in society in times of disorder due to the ascendance of evil gradually spreads.In the early stages of this decline, you will hear about a few sporadic incidents of crime and evil happening here and there.The order and regularity of society is ensured only when people abide by certain social and moral norms.In every age, people followed their own set of laws to regulate their lives and society.


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