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The principle has generally enabled citizens to exercise their rights and capabilities on both personal and political grounds (Hayek, 1999). Legal equality and equal opportunity To the America’s republican form of government, exercise of legal equality and equal opportunity has portrayed a government system which is free of discrimination in terms of provision of opportunities to its citizens and carrying out of legal actions.

Everyone has equal rights towards all legal aspects and opportunities of the government (Racuhut, 2008).

The America’s society has benefited from the principle of legal equality and equal opportunity in terms of serving the interest of its members.

Through the principle, the society has been able to establish systems and abide by rules and regulations which do not allow discrimination on both legal aspects and provision of opportunities.

To the society, separation of powers, checks and balances has enhanced accountability and service delivery to the members.

Here, the members have been able to access various services and participate in various activities without traveling longer distances.First, it has enabled the republican government to serve the diversified needs and demands of the public easily.This is because of decentralization of power from a single source which has taken the government services close to the people.On the other hand, political freedom has been of great importance to America’s society since it has enabled establishment of an equal and level political ground within the society.Through political freedom, every member of the society who is qualified to become a politician can freely join politics based on interest, ability and performance.Critical Thinking Case Study Chris had just been promoted as an Executive Assistant for Pat the CEO, Chief Executive Officer, of Faith Community Hospital.Pat had given Chris her very first assignment on her first day of work as an executive assistant and that was to gather information so that Pat can present the issues to the board of directors.The principle of equal opportunity enables citizens to participate equality in any State or societal affair where by each one of them is given equal chances of benefiting from the opportunity.The principle has helped citizens to freely and fairly exercise their legal rights as well as opportunities in place (Racuhut, 2008). Separation of powers, checks and balances p; Separation of powers, checks and balances is a principle which has been of great importance to American republic form of government.Through political and personal freedom, the American’s republican form of government has been able to exercise governance which is free of coercion and oppression.The ultimate importance is that there has been development of a strong and health relationship between the government, aspiring politicians and the citizens in general (Hayek, 1999).


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