Creative Writing Summer Camp

Creative Writing Summer Camp-76
Lucky for you, there are many opportunities out there.

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We’ll pair you with a Mentor from a top school who will help you navigate high school and build a strong academic and extracurricular profile.

Held annually at the Bread Loaf Campus of Middlebury College in Vermont, the New England Young Writer’s Conference is a four-day writing-focused workshop for high school students from around the country.

During this program, students sign up for intensive classes focusing on one subject area.

Morning and afternoon class sessions are broken up by the Midday Break, which offers special lectures, college preparedness workshops, community outreach programs, special interest clubs, or the opportunity to explore New York City and socialize with other program participants.

Consider the time you have available and the extent of involvement you’re looking for, then pursue one of these awesome summer creative writing opportunities in the northeast.

Creative Writing Summer Camp

Whether you’re a Freshman, Sophomore, or Junior in high school, you’ll benefit from our Mentorship Program.By pursuing creative writing opportunities during the summer, you show that you are dedicated and committed to the craft beyond the minimal attention it may receive during the school year.Summer involvement can also highlight your more creative or artistic side, particularly if you focus your term-time activities on other subject areas.The Institute accepts only 40 students each summer, based on an application that includes the submission of creative writing samples.Total cost for tuition, room, and board is approximately 00.While you can take writing classes or pursue it independently, it’s unlikely that creative writing gets the same amount of attention as your core curriculum.This means that summer is an ideal time to pursue it, if it’s of interest to you.Brown University promises a summer of academic exploration and exposure to the college experience for students who choose to enroll in its pre-college programs.It offers a combination of non-credit bearing college-level coursework, a pre-Baccalaureate Program eligible for college credit, and even several online courses that can be taken from anywhere with Internet access.At the New York State Summer Young Writers Institute, you can expect to receive mentorship and instruction in poetry, fiction, and dramatic writing (screenwriting, playwriting, and dramatic monologue) while also engaging in a critical exchange of evaluation with peers over the course of 12 days.The Institute prides itself on bringing top high school students together with professional writers.


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