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I was scared that I would not be as good as the other members, but as soon as I stepped in I felt right at home.For the first time I was excited and passionate about my writing.

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Along the way, they’ll learn the processes that go into creating a story and complete a series of creative challenges that will build their knowledge of story craft.

The course is split into 12 modules – each a step towards not only expanding their knowledge of creative writing but to writing one full story.

The Creative Writing Quest consists of 12 online modules which your child logs in and completes at their own pace (we recommend one a week, but it's up to you – you have a full year to complete them all).

As well as a video from Allison, each module will include practical exercises and a story challenge, with a larger story challenge at the end.

Due to the numbers participating and the self-paced nature of the course, this is not possible. You need to login using the email address provided when enrolling.

However, the course has been designed so that Allison provides personalised feedback on the completed story at the end – and that's pretty cool! You're responsible for when your child has access to the course.When Brooke Warner, publisher of She Writes Press, said these dreadful words during an author call, my […] by Laura Romain If I had to tell you what distracts me from writing, I’d say everything.And I mean everything: email, dishes, laundry, news sites, social media, snack time, whatever’s happening outside my window, my dog, not to mention my dog’s hair, which gets […] by TWC Founder/Director Judith Lindbergh As writers, most of us accept that our work is a lonely business.How much time should I set aside for my child to complete each module? Of course, your child may take more or less time depending on their level of enthusiasm – one thing we know about young writers is that once they start, it can be difficult to stop them. Children simply view a module with video and reading materials from course creator Allison Tait. Does my child need to log in at a set time each week? We all lead busy lives, so you can complete the course at your own pace.Only AWC team members and Allison Tait provide feedback and encouragement specifically on your child’s writing tasks. While we recommend completing a new module each week, you could instead choose to knock all 12 over on a rainy weekend!These are optional, and children do not receive feedback on optional exercises. Yes, your child will receive motivation and encouragement from AWC's Yay Team on the set Story Challenge (writing task) at the end of each module if they choose to submit it.(Note however that if you complete a whole bunch of modules at once, this may be delayed as our Team are real people, not robots!) Also, at the END of the course, they will receive feedback from Allison Tait on their submitted 800-word story – via a personal video message, just for them!Why can't Allison provide feedback after every module?Join us or a three hour workshop designed to orient you into the mysteries of the tarot. During this workshop, you will be reading tarot for yourself.Whether you’re a writer, an artist, or simply yearning to lead a more creative life, by the end of this workshop No previous tarot experience required. Held at by TWC Director Michelle Cameron This is one of a continuing series as TWC Director Michelle Cameron goes through the publishing process with hybrid publisher, She Writes Press.


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