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Creationists concluded that scientists are either liars, or they are floundering because they can’t produce any proof to support their position.

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For this reason, it seemed likely that ID and non-ID forms of creationism might use different arguments and rhetorical strategies.

Our choice in keeping these two categories distinct allowed us to determine whether proponents of ID use different kinds of persuasive arguments than individuals from other creationist traditions. In some cases, our efforts to locate and identify arguments were made easy because some websites listed arguments by bullet points or numbers, while others used paragraphs or outlines to separate unique arguments.

In labeling part of an argument as “data” we do not imply that the data is either correct or trustworthy— merely that it has been used as support for a claim.

Pro-evolution websites overwhelmingly use arguments based on positive empirical evidence.

We did not use sermons, Power Point presentations, audio, or video files.

All of the websites we chose were advocacy sites that presented lists of arguments arguing for one of three positions: creationism, ID, or evolution.

Others who have scientific credentials, but operate outside of the mainstream scientific community, generate persuasive arguments for and against certain scientific claims.

For example, molecular biologist Peter Duesberg has scientific credentials, but he has argued for years that HIV does not cause AIDS.

A little digging revealed that there was already some information on this topic.

Weaver analyzed the arguments used in five different oral debates about the issue of origins.


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