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Contest Partner: The Peter and Patricia Gruber • winners Trick or Truth: The Mysterious Connection Between Physics and Mathematics Contest Partners: Nanotronics Imaging, The Peter and Patricia Gruber Foundation, and The John Templeton Foundation Media Partner: Scientific American read/discuss • winners How Should Humanity Steer the Future?Here I will make a short exploration on how this may come about.

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As a postdoctoral researcher at the Institute of Photonic Sciences in Barcelona, I mainly work on mathematical methods for quantum foundations and quantum information.

I find it enjoyable and challenging to keep a broad scope and to venture into new fields.

This seeming contradiction can be resolved via analysis that treats measurements as boundary constraints.

It is well-known that boundaries can induce apparently-discrete behavior in continuous systems, and strong analogies can be drawn to the case of quantum measurement.

We also speculate on further physical implications of the suggested scenario.

Born - Messina, Italy - Italian Ph D - Univ Cambridge 2003 Postdoc - Univ Cambridge, Univ Utrecht, Perimerter Institute AEI senior researcher and leader of independent research group "Microscopic Quantum Structure & Dynamics of Spacetime" Sofja Kovalevskaja Prize awardee (A.I review how discrete structures, embodied in the integers, appear in the laws of physics, from quantum mechanics to statistical mechanics to the Standard Model. If we are looking to build the future laws of physics, discrete mathematics is no better a starting point than the rules of scrabble.Can Reality be simulated by a huge Quantum Computer?We focus on the question: - Is space fundamentally discrete or continuous?- in the context of current quantum gravity research.continuous debate is the lack of experimental data.To a certain extent, this problem can be overcome by the simulation of models for fundamental physics by other physical systems.Do we believe that Reality is made of something more than interacting quantum systems?The idea that the whole Physics is ultimately a quantum computation---a strong quantum version of the Church-Turing hypothesis well synthesized by the Wheeler's coinage "It from bit"---is very appealing.Here I focus on graphene as a particularly fascinating example of such a simulator and try to explain how continuous three-dimensional relativistic spacetime emerges from the discrete hexagonal crystal lattice of graphene.The potential of graphene to simulate aspects of fundamental physics is discussed.


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