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An information technology system (IT system) is generally an information system, a communications system or, more specifically speaking, a computer system – including all hardware, software and peripheral equipment – operated by a limited group of users.

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Imagine the future: Every business has network security insurance, just as every business has insurance against fire, theft, and any other reasonable threat. The choice of which operating system to use will no longer be 100% technical.

To do otherwise would be to behave recklessly as an executive and be open to lawsuits. Your rate may be one price if you have one brand, and a different price if you have another brand. Microsoft, and other companies with shoddy security, will lose sales because companies will refuse to pay the insurance premiums.

The first commercially available stored-program computer, the Ferranti Mark I, contained 4050 valves and had a power consumption of 25 kilowatts.

By comparison the first transistorised computer, developed at the University of Manchester and operational by November 1953, consumed only 150 watts in its final version.

Details of network security become check boxes when it comes time to calculate the premium. In this world, how secure a product is becomes a real, measurable, feature that companies are willing to pay for, because it saves them money in the long run. Online merchants and brick-and-mortar merchants will have different insurance premiums, because the risks are different.

Businesses can add authentication mechanisms--public-key certificates, biometrics, smart cards--and either save or lose money depending on their effectiveness.They take the risk they are not willing to accept themselves, package it up, and pay someone else to take it.If a warehouse is insured properly, the owner really doesn't care if it burns down. If a network is insured properly, the owner won't care whether it is hacked or not. What will happen when the CFO looks at his premium and realizes it would go down 50% if the company got rid of all insecure Windows operating systems and replaced them with a secure version of Linux?The Antikythera mechanism, dating from about the beginning of the first century BC, is generally considered to be the earliest known mechanical analog computer, and the earliest known geared mechanism.Comparable geared devices did not emerge in Europe until the 16th century, and it was not until 1645 that the first mechanical calculator capable of performing the four basic arithmetical operations was developed.This is sometimes difficult for computer science professionals to understand because they are so used to technologies solving their problems.In the real world, businesses get security through insurance.Colossus, developed during the Second World War to decrypt German messages, was the first electronic digital computer.Although it was programmable, it was not general-purpose, being designed to perform only a single task.Electronic computers, using either relays or valves, began to appear in the early 1940s.The electromechanical Zuse Z3, completed in 1941, was the world's first programmable computer, and by modern standards one of the first machines that could be considered a complete computing machine.


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