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Lets get to the question anyway has anyone ever manage to complete or crammed a lot of coursework when i say alot i mean alot, in a small space of time i mean like a period of 3 days nonstop? Thanks in advance Any advice for my friend will be helpful as she needs it. Some subjects, you can sort of get away with doing the coursework quickly- I did both pieces of English coursework in one evening- but with others it's more difficult.Well, I started about seven-ish and finished at around eleven, so I wouldn't call it an all-nighter. But yeah, really does depend on the subject and how good your friend is at it.

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If they know the stuff anyway, it's possible to do a piece of coursework well in that amount of time.

im writing thesis in a week from scratch (although i already have the results/data).

The structure and formatting of the work should also be considered before writing the main sections.

To learn more, students can read ready papers and check the coursework of experienced researchers.

Coursework is a major component of studying that requires so much attention and effort to write.

Students often need to present a massive amount of pages, do experiments, practice their public speaking skills, use the help of teachers, analyze data and discuss it, present information, and do so much more if they wish to deliver quality coursework before the deadline.If you use these ways from the start, you can do less and get more.Experienced students know them and use them when working on all their studies and projects.That is why students need to know their requirements even if they have made and read many similar papers before.Coursework papers are usually also checked for plagiarism and grammatical correctness.When writing coursework, students show what they have learned during the course.This is the process that requires a lot of attention and research.Students should select a topic and thesis before writing the main sections, they also should outline the main structure and only then create the content for all sections.The topic and thesis, size of work, and the subject and objectives of coursework can be very different.I'm trying to get a load of coursework done fast as I should have done it last weel but had mock exams and wanted to do a bit of revision for them, as well as do my driving test, get enough sleep and stay sane. I did all nighters and it was hard work plus my boyfriend lost my Usb stick with most of my creative writing work on it the same week meaning I had to start from scratch!All my marks were around 68/69 so I was quite pleased, It is possible to do work at last minute just very hard.


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