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Hi Peter, This article has really helped me to prepare for an interview so I thank you for that.I incorporated all of your tips into my presentation and am now awaiting the results.Indirect competitors offer a different type of product that serves the same need.

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This allows you to deeply consider your business and product assumptions and what will make your offering a success.

You should regularly update your competitive analysis and the business models that are impacted by your findings.

It is useful, for example, when you need to provide an overview of your competition to executives or advisory boards.

You can easily customize the titles for each quadrant and change the values on the x and y axis to align with how your company assesses the market.

The free Excel and Power Point templates provided here make it easy to organize and communicate your competitive research. Choose from a wide range of examples and download them at no cost.

Of course, if you want to quickly capture competitive information, build product roadmaps, and define go-to-market strategies using a collaborative and web-based approach, you can try Aha! If you are not yet ready to do that, get started with the templates below.This requires a deep understanding of all the alternatives that are available to them — including direct and indirect competitors.Direct competitors offer a similar type of product within the same market.This template makes it easy to build a detailed profile for each of your main competitors.It is great for capturing a wide range of information about their organization, customers, and products.Therefore, a competitive analysis will be of great help. I have started a hardware shop in Lihir Island, Papua New Guinea. Your blog provided us beneficial information to work on. It will guard us against other people's help us position our business in the market. I wish I could turn the hands of the clock to go back to an interview I was psrt of some few weeks back where the theme was basically on competitive analysis and business plan development. It is going to be a luxury plane for travel to the eastern side such as Ireland, Scotland, Iceland, and Greenland. It will be for commercial flights for Business, government, leisure, and for holiday/seasonal uses. Competitive analysis is very critical because I have an established hardware to share the market..former employer. This template makes it easy to visualize your competitors in a single view.It is the perfect way to position the key players in the market and how they relate to each other.The value of this research extends beyond just looking at competitors.You can also use it to inform strategic planning models, such as Lean Canvas, SWOT analysis, and Porter's 5 Forces models.


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