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That summer, she worked in Washington for Marian Wright Edelman's Washington Research Project, where she conducted research on migrant children's health and education difficulties, especially in the South. Lurleen Wallace, the two forged a pact to help each other's career - when one was termed-limited out, the other takes over.

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a work originally written in 1946 by a former archaeologist and full-time communist, Saul Alinsky, who in his book taught how to organize a community to the point where the "have-nots" (the poor) take from the "haves" (the middle-classes and rich), and she admitted that she had read it many times before her first of several meetings with him.

In a letter written in 1971, Rodham had asked Alinsky when his new book, Rules For Radicals was going to be published: "When is that new book coming out — or has it come and I somehow missed the fulfillment of Revelation?

I seem to have survived law school, slightly bruised, with my belief in and zest for organizing intact." for overthrowing a government, and Rodham read it voraciously.

Alinsky's methods included "demonizing" and "ridiculing" the opposition, using the expertise of poor as a weapon, and using lies and innuendo to their fullest advantage.

I have just had my one-thousandth conversation about Reveille [for Radicals] and need some new material to throw at people.

You are being rediscovered again as the New Left-type politicos are finally beginning to think seriously about the hard work and mechanics of organizing.

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Hillary Diane Rodham was born October 26, 1947, in Chicago, Illinois to Hugh Rodham and Dorothy Emma Howell Rodham.

The two things that became clear in the following years was the fact that Hillary Rodham Clinton was solidly on the left, using the Alinsky method of overthrowing the Constitutional system of the United States, as well as going to any length to conceal her radicalism—and the lies of others within the Democratic Party—from the public.

In 1969, she attended Yale law school, where she was one of 27 women among 235 law students.


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