Child Beauty Pageant Argumentative Essays

And also a lot of intelligent sophisticated women find these pageants offensive. However people who supporting this competition are the people who are making a fortune because of it.

The most important question is, do beauty contests enhance the prestige and dignity of women?

In the beauty contest, the participating women are scantily dressed, are mostly required to expose their body and beauty before the male judges, walking in the most offensive and distasteful manner. Dec 2, 2010 the parents of child Beauty pageant contestants enjoy a psychological screening beforehand?

It sends a message for all women that what is really important is how they look, nothing else.

Otherwise, they could just take standardized intelligence and fitness tests and not do the evening gown and the swimsuit competition.

That will encourage them to engage in unhealthy diets.

Sometimes, they starve themselves to have the perfect body. All the requirements of the contest puts a lot of pressure on any women and it will let them feel ugly.

Those kids were so depressed and unhappy, and they totally do not want to do this pageant thing.

The saddest part, that their parents were trying to convenience themselves that they were doing this for their children best"(Should the parents of child Beauty pageant).

Thus instead of spending huge amounts of money on something stupid and meaningless like beauty pageants, people should spend money on solving these problems that are more important and more dangerous. To enter beauty pageants, young ladies and their parents spend thousands of dollars on hair, makeup, dresses, and on plastic surgery if necessary!

A former contestants, now coaches girls "a week of her training costs ,000; a day goes for 1,000(qtd in Fleishman), which is something crazy. "The Cost of Winning a Beauty Pageant" Aug 8, 2002.


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