Chemical Equation For Photsynthesis

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O), so the organisms gifted with this functionality are termed as ‘photoautotrophs’.

Although the process of process of Photosynthesis is quite complex, we can briefly represent it in the form of following chemical equation which was first proposed by Cornelis van Neil.

The most well-known examples are plants, as all but a very few parasitic or mycoheterotrophic species contain chlorophyll and produce their own food.

Algae are the other dominant group of eukaryotic photosynthetic organisms.

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In reality these are series of Redox reactions, major two as follows, Oxidation of oxygen from water in presence of light (energy from photon), $ 2H_2O \xrightarrow O_2 4H^*$ Ions produced from above reaction reduces carbon dioxide , H^* CO_2 \rightarrow (CH_2O) H_2O$ So both equations combined, we can write general form as $n CO_2 n H_2O \xrightarrow (CH_2O)n n O_2$ In simple words to answer your doubt, in final equation 2 oxygen molecule coming from per 2 $H_2O$ molecules and 1 coming from per $CO_2$ molecule.

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The only organisms able to exist under such conditions would be the chemosynthetic bacteria, which can utilize the chemical energy of certain inorganic compounds and thus are not dependent on the conversion of light energy.fossil fuels (i.e., coal, oil, and gas) that power industrial society.

In past ages, green plants and small organisms that fed on plants increased faster than they were consumed, and their remains were deposited in Earth’s crust by sedimentation and other geological processes.


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