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Northern Ireland Gcse Coursework - Business Plan For A Blog

It may also include a section on the financial aspect of your platform.Quite simply, a business plan will enable to you focus on your blog every time you start writing, photographing, and sharing content.It will keep you on track, and headed to your chosen destination – that may be a certain number of followers, a certain amount of revenue, or simply the number of blog posts/pieces of content you want to share in a chosen timeframe.You will save yourself a lot of headaches by choosing Word Press for your blog. There are several key components of a successful content promotion game plan: The success stories you read about millionaire bloggers can be part of your destiny, if… Unfortunately most blogs do not generate enough traffic to make decent money this way.Steve Martin, the legendary actor and comic once said, It’s hard to compete with outstanding. You follow through with your blogger business plan; then you will reach the point of monetization. You can reach out to advertisers directly, but don’t expect great results until you have substantial traffic.Books – Selling your own books is a great way to continue to make passive income.You can sell your books directly on your own blog or on amazon and other marketplaces.There are too many ways to list here all the different ways to monetize your blog.The key is that most successful bloggers monetize their blogs in multiple ways.Yes, I am talking about the small percentage of bloggers that make a living doing what they love. You could create the world’s greatest content in vain if there is no audience for it.As you carefully consider the appropriate niche for your blog, ask and answer the following questions: Once you have settled on a niche it’s time to build your blog.


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