Brief Research Proposal

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So how do you write a brief that gets you off to a great start?

Begin with a short summary of your current situation, and define clearly what you already know.

Dear Reader, Welcome to the second edition of ‘better insight’ – the newsletter that’s full of helpful tips and advice – all aimed at ensuring you get the most from your market research.

And, because we firmly believe research should be fun, each month we include a cartoon that illustrates our theme.

In this newsletter, we present Zippy Research, an agency that’s in such a hurry to ‘process’ clients, it doesn’t bother about small things like briefs. At Research Insight, we’re nothing like Zippy Research.

We don’t just encourage you to give us a full brief – we also give you all the help you need to write one! We’re really interested to know what you think about this newsletter, and would love to hear your feedback.

Describe what you expect to get out of the project – the ‘deliverables’.

You might just want advice on designing a survey, for example. Or maybe you’d like a full report complete with data, interpretation and clear recommendations to highlight decisions you should take. When will you commission the research, and what milestones (if any) do you have to meet? Your agency will let you know if the proposed timetable is too ambitious (or too generous! By the way, don’t forget to ask your research agencies what help they can give you with putting together a brief.

For research objectives, what issues and topics do you want to explore or discover? Defining clear business and research objectives will help your research agency design a well-focused study.

Clear objectives will also help you to assess the quality and focus of your research agency’s report.


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