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Some problems are simply too grand, too sweeping to master within the time limits.Some are too minor to interest you or anybody else.

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Some topics, no matter how significant and interesting, are simply too big and amorphous to research well. You will never really master them, and it’s very hard to write a coherent paper that truly does them justice.

That leads to a second point: You need to figure out how to move from a compelling general idea to a sharply focused topic, one you can research and analyze within the time available.

The question is, how exactly do you refine your topic?

You begin by understanding what makes a research paper topic manageable.

These primary documents have now been declassified, published by the State Department, and made available to research libraries. You can also take advantage of top-quality secondary sources (that is, books and articles based on primary documents, interviews, and other research data). As you answer this well-defined question about Vietnam, you can (and you should) return to the larger themes that interest you, namely, “What does the escalation in Southeast Asia tell us about the global projection of U. The goal here is to pick a good case to study, one that is compelling in its own right and speaks to the larger issue.

Drawing on these primary and secondary sources, you can uncover and critique the reasons behind U. It need not be a typical example, but it does need to illuminate the larger question.

Whichever way you start, the goals are the same: to connect the two in meaningful ways and to explore your specific topic in depth.

Of course, the choice of a particular research paper topic depends on the course you’re taking.

A research paper on any of these would resonate within the university and well beyond it.

Still, as you approach such topics, you need to limit the scope of your investigation so you can finish your research and writing on time.


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