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The National Museum in Rio de Janeiro is not only Brazil's crown jewel of historic preservation, but this 200-year-old museum is one of the largest in the Americas with some 20 million objects dating as far back as the Early Cretaceous period. With travel being more accessible to a lot of people these days, this piece from the Guardian is a reminder of how some cities are bearing the weight.

But as a visitor of a major tourist hub, you wonder whether your experience of the place is authentic or not, or better yet, what even is authentic.—A. These panoramas highlight lively street life in New York in direct contrast to the stagnating storefront market.

Todd Heisler’s eye for color and juxtaposition allows subtle details to pop and the images to feel timeless and vibrant, succeeding in catching the various moods of the city’s neighborhoods.—K.

Standing stoutly atop a pile of rocks, arms crossed in a defiant pose, or intently holding the viewer's gaze, these people clearly don't want the viewers’ pity but instead demand their respect. Even more horrific, the pellets often must stay within the human body as there is often no safe or reasonable way to remove hundreds of tiny shards.

Using X-rays and portraiture to great effect, Pasquarelli calls for the viewer to examine the level of harm unseen by the naked eye.—K. To see centuries of history reduced to ashes is devastating, to say the least.

Imagine your images in a magazine or newspaper, telling a story or exploring a theme. As we are trying to emulate a newspaper (at least the way newspapers used to be) there is to be no adding or removing elements from your images. The best photo essays, as do the best photos, evoke an emotional response.

5 to 9 images Can be presented with a (very) short story, no more than a couple of hundred words – brevity is best. Captions can be overlayed on your image (if you think it appropriate) or presented to the side/top/bottom of the image. As a slideshow, using a program such as Pro Show reporting that the number of students involved is as high as 1,500, or one-half of the student body.The vocal yet peaceful group of students marched from the high school down to Sproul Plaza on the UC Berkeley campus, with the Berkeley police directing traffic at intersections as they passed through.It can only be presented as a Powerpoint presentation or as a slideshow in MP4 format.There is to be no sound accompanying your photo essay, nor are you allowed to edit your images other than the traditional ethical newspaper adjustments such as brightness and contrast or colour changes.Mc Cain will continue to garner from service members and citizens alike.—Laura Geiser, photo editor, Buzz Feed News These pictures, made in the aftermath of a powerful 6.7 magnitude earthquake that struck Hokkaido, Japan, on Thursday, are a stark reminder of the tremendous power of nature.The disaster has left 9 dead and more than 150 injured, as well as extensive damage across the region and millions of people without power.We step over a body lying prostrate on the sidewalk.We experience moments of remorse or empathy, and then return to our routines.” Read more…They’ve stamped the place with funky found art and authentic New York pizza.” Read more…I’m not a football person outside of Friday Night Lights reruns but I still found this photo essay captivating.


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