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Fortunately, the mantis can also rotate its head 180 degrees to see prey or approaching threats, the mantis can scan a total of 300 degrees.The mantid's eyes are very sensitive to light, changing from light green or tan in bright light, to dark brown in the dark.She is really beautiful but only a select few realize this. In the story her mother says she is beautiful, and then says that she is only beautiful to the seeing eyes. When Emily returned home from the convalescence home, she was very thin and frail.

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School was not one of Emily's strong points; she was not quick at a time when quickness was easily confused with ability to learn (75). Defined more broadly, the arts are a means of organizing and making meaning of experience (Lomas 1998); they are "languages for the communication of new ideas" (Milton in Elias et al. It is the purpose of this paper to expose comparatively the extent to which individuals have been influenced by these issues.

One is based on experience, historical context, and poetic skill, among others.

In his book, The long poems of Wallace Stevens: An interpretive study, Rajeev S.

Patke describes varied progression within “The Man with the Blue compound eye's center so the mantis must rotate its head and look directly at an object for optimum viewing.

I think the real reason her mother is tormented, is because she knows that Emily has potential and she has not seen or done anything about it, Emily's beauty and talents are hidden not only from the rest of the world but also to herself.

Emily never complained when she went to nursery school like the rest of the children in her family. When her mother thought of her other children, their explosions, tempers, denunciations and demands, she felt suddenly ill (74).

Emily's mother felt ill because she had demanded such good behavior of Emily.

If Emily's mother felt suddenly ill does that mean she felt guilty for her actions?

The story never said she was ugly, or that anyone ever told her she was ugly. Information on Oliver Sacks' book The Island of the Colorblind.

To the seeing eye Emily was beautiful, but what did her family believe, her mother? more useful if we explore exactly the points of knowing and not knowing which are significant for the audience of the Harrowing.


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