Argumentative Essay On Drug Testing For Welfare

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If you put those two pieces, the theory of what's valuable and the theory of right action given what's valuable, together, you get utilitarianism. Let's say I'm a doctor, and I have only five doses left of some very scarce medicine.In an emergency situation, I'm left with six patients, all of whom need the drug to survive.(intro music) Hi, I'm Julia Markovits, and I'm an associate professor of philosophy at MIT.

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Moreover, testing them infringes on their Fourth Amendment Right that protects them from unreasonable search and seizure.

Being poor does not establish a reasonable suspicion or reason that one is a regular user or reliant on drugs.

Thirdly, recipients of welfare do not use more drugs compared to other individuals receiving government relief or reprieve.

Pushing for such a law is an assumption that the poor are potential drug users.

Hence, to conduct these drug tests is tantamount to infringing on one’s constitutional rights.

Secondly, testing for drugs of these individuals does not work and only results in high costs.

According to the constitution, the welfare is set aside to provide a reprieve to the poor citizens.

Therefore, imposing the law of them being tested first is tantamount to discriminating them in a bid to deny them their right.

Testing of these people operates on the assumption that they use the welfare they receive on drugs.

In states that have already begun utilizing this law, it has seen them spend considerable amounts of taxpayers’ money, only to find a negligible number of recipients.


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