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Appendices are useful because they provide the reader with information that supports your study without breaking up the narrative or distracting from the main purpose of your paper.If you have a lot of raw data or information that is difficult to present in textual form, consider uploading it to an online site.

The pages of the appendix are numbered consecutively with the rest of the text.

There is considerable flexibility in the kind of material that may be placed in appendices: computer programs, tables of raw data, questionnaires, letters, original historical source material, etc.

If a part-title page is used with one appendix, part-title pages must be used with all appendices.

The first line of the title (e.g., APPENDIX A) begins at mid-page, centered within the thesis margins.

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If used, an appendix follows the text but precedes the references or bibliography.

Appendices should also be arranged sequentially by the order they were first referenced in the text [i.e., Appendix 1 should not refer to text on page eight of your paper and Appendix 2 relate to text on page six].

Appendices should not be a dumping ground for information.

Material in the appendix must adhere to the same margin specifications and print size specifications (characters may be no smaller than 2 millimeters) as the rest of the manuscript.

A separate page for the title of each appendix (i.e., part-title page) is often used when diverse, previously printed materials (e.g., computer printouts, letters used in questionnaire surveys, questionnaires, etc.) are included.


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