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For example, if you read an article by Brown (2017) and that author quotes the earlier work of Smith (2010), Brown is the secondary or indirect source (because it was written later) and Smith is considered the direct or original source (because it was written first).To cite a source you found in another source, state the original author within your sentence and state "as cited in" followed by the last name and year of the secondary source.

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Despite its universality, the many nuances of academia can make it a difficult language to master.

APA provides writers with a consistent format they can use every time they write.

#)., you will also need to include the page number.

If there are no page numbers, include the paragraph number instead.

The American Psychological Association, or APA, is the organization that created the language used and understood by academics around the world.

APA style is the expected standard in higher education and research papers to ensure sources are cited properly.Two of the most common questions are about whether it’s okay to cite websites and whether sources have to have been published within a certain time frame to be cited, such as the last 5 or 10 years.Let’s set the record straight: Anything that a reader can retrieve, you can cite as a source in an APA Style reference list.Consistency helps authors organize their arguments or research efficiently.From the information on the title page to the headers that divide information in the discussion, each section has a predetermined format.You do not need to include the page or paragraph number when paraphrasing or summarizing. If no page numbers are listed, cite the paragraph number of the information that you use from the web page.When citing a web page, determine if the author is a person or an organization. If you can’t find an individual author, but you can find an organization or group that is responsible for the content of a web page, then cite that group, organization, corporation, university, government agency, or association as the author.If the title is very long, just use the first few words: When quoting a media source such as a video or audio recording that lacks page numbers but includes timestamps, the citation should include the speaker (or screen name), the year of the recording, and When a group or an organization creates a work, that organization, corporation, university, government agency, or association can be treated as the author.In this case, include the full name of the group as the author: ) as a source that cites or quotes another source.For example: When quoting an e Book like your Constellation textbook, your in-text citation needs to include the author’s last name, year, section number, and the paragraph number the quote is found in on the e Book page.It should look like this: (Author, Year, Section #.#, para.


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