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Then you will formulate a clear and convincing essay to sway the reader.

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For an in-depth guide read How To Master AP English Language Arguing or How To Craft An Argument For AP English Language on

You will read a selected non-fiction text or passage.

Students reply to a given topic by creating an evidence-based argument.

You can find AP English Language practice questions on the Guide to AP English Language.

They must create an argument which uses at least three of the sources to support their thesis.

Students read a non-fiction passage and interpret how the author’s language choice contributed to his or her intended meaning and purpose for writing.

The AP English Language course is designed to develop critical literacy and facilitate informed citizenship in students.

To that end, students examine and discuss non-fiction works of various types and themes, summarizing who is being addressed, what is being said, how the idea is being presented and why it is being said.

topical fiction), speak to one another through a variety of genres, offer various rhetorical devices, and challenge AP students to understand non-fiction writing.

has compiled the Ultimate AP English Language Reading List as a helpful tool for students.


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    Questiion name How do I write essays for AP language and composition? ESY11116897. Also, by arguing for the opposite side of your opinion, you will learn which points you need to better address in your essay. You will learn more about the topic, and you will gain more vocabulary words to enrich.…

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