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This disease appears mainly in the cases, where people eat fast food.

Some of them have enough money to buy healthy and homegrown food.

According to The causes of obesity-genes, behaviour and environment (2009) on the website infor. org, obesity-related genes could affect how people metabolise food or store fat.

They could also affect the behaviour, make people disposed badly towards lifestyle choices that increase our risk of being obese.

Moreover, obesity in adulthood increases the hazard of diabetes, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, arthritis and a general poor health condition (Overweight and Obesity Health Consequences, cited in gov) so it is the time for human being to take actions to limit this issue. These eating habits are known to cause excessive fat storage. One reason for this is that they spend hours in front of TVs and computers doing work and relaxing.

With the purpose of helping people understand about obesity problem and find the ways to limit it, this paper discusses where this issue results from, what it results in and how to solute it. Taking in too many calories for our energy needs must be a major cause of the modern obesity epidemic. Marion Nestle, Professor and Chair of the Department of Nutrition and Food Studies at New York University provides that US agribusiness now produces 3,800 calories of food a day for every consumption of calories more than 30 years ago-but at much lower per-calorie costs (cited in annecollins. Evidently, the growth of fast-food chains and higher soft drink consumption lead to the increases in absorption of calorie-dense foods and a higher energy-intake. gov shows that the number of people who have No Leisure-Time Physical Activity increases gradually in the first decade of 21st century. Other reasons for being passive include: using cars instead of walking, fewer physical requirements at work or at home and lack of physical exercise classes in school for children.Obesity has not only physical effects but also mental effects.As stated in House of Commons Committee 2004 (2008), very overweight and obese people have reduced psychological health so their self-esteem and social intercommunication may be deteriorated.But the main factor, which always helps to keep ourselves young, healthy and strong, is right nutrition.To conclude, I should admit that people all over the world have no choice. You can easily get it on every corner of the street.Therefore, they can be apprehended in a negative way that makes them be anxious and depressed. It is coupled with few of most severe diseases such as diabetes and cancer.As well as prejudicial effect on the individual, obesity contributes a financial burden on society as a whole. The Obesity Solution (2009) on the website fastandquickweightloss.It also gives the evidence that adopted children tend to develop weight problems similar to their biological, rather than adoptive, parents.In addition, infants born to overweight mothers have been found to less active and to gain more weight by the age of three months when compared with infants of normal weight mothers.This causes higher pressure on the artery walls and the increasing in blood pressure.Besides, obesity is the major causes of type 2 diabetes.


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