An Essay On The Material And Spiritual Universe

An Essay On The Material And Spiritual Universe-57
After a while without any new posts, we have an interesting article from Theodore Walker Jr.In his brief though incisive piece, he argues that, in Eureka, Poe’s success in anticipating future developments in Science is largely due to the ability of the natural philosophers of yore, and Poe’s, to see poetry in nature.Let us conceive the Particle, then, to be only not totally exhausted by diffusion into Space.

The premier scholarly annotated edition of Poes Eureka Originally published in 1848, Eureka is Poe's book on how the universe was formed, how it functions, and what its future might be.

Poe provides a physical, scientific explanation for the interconnectedness of all things--an idea at the heart of much of nineteenth-century romanticism and American Transcendentalism in particular.

He now feels his life through an infinity of imperfect pleasures—the partial and pain-intertangled pleasures of those inconceivably numerous things which you designate as his creatures, but which are really but infinite individualizations of Himself.

All these creatures—all—those which you term animate, as well as those to whom you deny life for no better reason than that you do not behold it in operation—all these creatures have, in a greater or less degree, a capacity for pleasure and for pain:—These creatures are all, too, more or less conscious Intelligences; conscious, first, of a proper identity; conscious, secondly and by faint indeterminate glimpses, of an identity with the Divine Being of whom we speak—of an identity with God.

Imagine what you might get if you toss Aristotle's does indeed evoke some modern scientific ideas, but in the same blurry way that Christian or Eastern theologies do.

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Here's an excerpt, in which Poe presents his theory of creation:"Let us now endeavor to conceive what Matter must be, when, or if, in its absolute extreme of . A diffusion from Unity, under the conditions, involves a tendency to return into Unity—a tendency ineradicable until satisfied.

But on these points I will speak more fully hereafter.

The assumption of absolute Unity in the primordial Particle includes that of infinite divisibility.

It was not and is not in the power of this Being—any more than it is in your own—to extend, by actual increase, the joy of his Existence; but just as it is in your power to expand or to concentrate your pleasures (the absolute amount of happiness remaining always the same) so did and does a similar capability appertain to this Divine Being, who thus passes his Eternity in perpetual variation of Concentrated Self and almost Infinite Self-Diffusion.

What you call The Universe is but his present expansive existence.


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