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30-1 Critical / Analytical Response to Literary Texts Assignment (2 hours): Critical/Analytical Response to a piece of literature studied during your course.Select ideas from a single, challenging, appropriate piece literature studied during your course - usually the main novel or drama of the course or a challenging and accessible short story.Your observations and conclusions about the visualtext(s) may include discussion of emotions, attitudes, situations, and themes presented in orinspired by the text(s).

30-1 Critical / Analytical Response to Literary Texts Assignment (2 hours): Critical/Analytical Response to a piece of literature studied during your course.

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Although the 5 paragraph essay format is quite poplar for this assignment, it is not required.

Establish a voice, develop ideas, connect ideas from test literature to ideas from personal experience or creative inspiration.

There is adifference in style between a journal entry and a newspaper article, for example.

Likewise, theconventions of a personal narrative are different from those of expository writing.

Discuss the ideas generated from and significance of details you connect.

A traditional essay format(1600-2000 words) is the norm: opening, thesis, body paragraphs, closing.

Without this support, these individuals would be denied the opportunity to improve their well-being.2018 SOC 30-1 Liberalism- 30-1 Discuss the idea(s) developed by the text creator in your chosen text about…

1988 January the struggle to come to terms with human isolation June the struggle to maintain identity through a commitment to a belief, cause, or goal1989 January turning points June the effect of external or internal limitations on people’s lives1990 January self-discovery June the outsider1991 January the influence of an ideal on individual behaviour June the influence of imagination on people’s lives1992 January the manners in which individuals respond to challenge June the basis for and impact of individual choices1993 January the factors that contribute to and result from an individual’s desire to escape June individual responses to significant dilemmas1994 January human isolation and its effect on individual lives June influence of dreams, goals and ideals in individual lives1995 January effects of adversity on the human spirit June the individual in the face of threatening forces1996 January the impact of significant experience June the individual in the midst of conflict1997 January the consequence of the individual’s response to risk-taking June the nature and effect of a ruling passion in an individual’s life1998 January the significance of the individual’s response to challenge June the impact of a turning point upon an individual1999 January personal resourcefulness June the pursuit of ideals2000 January the significance of an individual’s perspective June perseverance2001 January adaptation June circumstances that compel us to respond2002 January responses to circumstances beyond familiar experience2003 January responding to individual differences2004 January the significance of our memory of the past June the significance of determination in our lives2005 January an individual’s attempt to secure the satisfaction of self-fulfillment June an individual’s attempt to reconcile the desire to act independently with the need for security2006 January the effect an individuals perspective has on personal beliefs June the role self-preservation plays when individuals respond to competing internal and external demands2007 January the role self-respect plays when an individual responds to injustice June the significance of an individual’s attempt to live unconstrained by convention or circumstance2008 January the interplay between fear and foresight when individuals make life-altering choices Literary Terms:é …

Identity Formation through Existential Crisis Tips for Writing a Critical Essay About Literature …

ature.html … -2289.html … 94221the interplay between how individuals perceive themselves and are perceived by others2013 ELA 30-1 Poem: "Useless Boys"; Novel: "Cutting for Stone"; Visual: "The Fall of Superman Near Bliss Street Station (V4)"-the role kindness plays when individuals attempt to determine their own destiny2015 ELA 30-1 Poem: "Itinerary"; Novel:"If You Hum Me a Few Bars I Might Remember the Tune"; Visual:"Barefooted carney asleep on the Himalaya ride"-the nature of motivations that direct an individual’s course of action2017 ELA 30-1 Poem: "About My Father's Plot to Get Home"; Novel Excerpt: "The Road Past Altamont"; Visual: "Habitar La Oscuridad" -a speech or letter that will persuade the School Council to either ACCEPT or REJECT the proposal to separate core courses by gender at the high school2017 ELA 30-2 children crossing a river on an innertube-The government must take decisive action to protect citizens during times of crisis.


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