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This office gathered intelligence on civilian political parties and provided anti-Communist “political education” for the troops.In August 1919, as a course instructor, Hitler made his first virulent antisemitic speeches.Adolf Hitler was the undisputed leader of the National Socialist German Workers Party—known as Nazis—since 1921.

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When the majority coalition government collapsed in March, the three middle-class parties invoked emergency constitutional provisions to hold extraordinary parliamentary elections, hoping to manufacture a governing majority that would permanently exclude the Social Democrats and the political Left from governing.

When this maneuver failed, German governments in 1930-1932 resorted to ruling by presidential decree rather than parliamentary consent.

By 1921, he was the absolute Rejecting political participation in Weimar elections, Hitler and the Nazi Party leadership sought to overthrow the German Republic in the Beer Hall Putsch on November 9, 1923.

After the putsch collapsed, a Munich court tried Hitler and other ringleaders on charges of high treason.

Hitler used the trial as a stage to attack the system of parliamentary democracy and promote xenophobic nationalism.

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He used his prison sentence to begin writing , his autobiography, published in 1926.

Willing to risk a Nazi-German nationalist coalition with Hitler as Chancellor, von Papen reached agreement with Hitler and the German Nationalists in early January 1933.

He persuaded President Paul von Hindenburg that Germany was out of other options.

Hitler lived in Vienna between February 1908 and May 1913, when he left for Munich.

There, he drifted and supported himself by painting watercolors and sketches until World War I gave new direction to his life. During the war, he was wounded twice (in 19) and was awarded several medals.


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