A Rose For Emily Analysis Essay

A Rose For Emily Analysis Essay-3
She has grown up her whole life in the same house, probably with the same butler, and with the only company of her father.The reader could clearly see that Emily¡¯s father made her live sheltered and away from everyone, because he thought that ¡°none of the young men were quite good enough for Miss Emily¡± (364). Something must have happen to her while Emily was still young.With everything being controlled by her father, losing him probably never crossed her mind. Something had to happen to make Emily¡¯s father act the way he did toward Emily.

The short story ¡°A Rose for Emily¡± by William Faulkner portrays how an overly protected love could destroy one¡¯s life.

Emily Grierson, the main character of the story, first gives the reader an impression of acting inhumane and even mad.

Emily grew fearful of Homer¡¯s departure, fear of being left alone once...

”, the character of Ms Emily Grierson often leaves the reader questioning her mental condition.

She immediately grew very close to Homer and almost forced him into her life.

When Emily¡¯s cousins moved into the house that Emily had lived in her whole life, the people in the town noticed that Homer Barron was gone.Even though the place and its people are quite unique in their own way, it projects an outlook of any American county during that era.The character of Emily itself represents tradition.She stays the same over the years, even though the community is experiencing a lot of changes.Her image reflects the tradition that people wish to respect and honour; however, she is also seen as a burden and completely detached from the outside world, nursing idiosyncrasy that the townspeople fail to comprehend.“” is a story that depicts the struggle the protagonist faces as she tries to maintain tradition in the face of widespread radical change.Emily, who was born in the elite Grierson family, is portrayed as the last remnant of the aristocracy in Jefferson.Besides, you also need to include a thesis statement in the essay that will project the main idea of your argument.As you may realize, the whole point of the essay is to establish your argument by providing evidence.Throughout the story, she remains quite aloof from the outer world.In fact, she seems quite oblivious to what is happening outside her sealed perimeters.


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