7 Page Research Paper

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First, study all the requirements carefully and don’t miss anything important before you start the research paper. Try to select a broad topic because you can find more relevant information instead of looking for obscure articles.

You can also find papers by other authors that are already done - it’s much easier to collage other research and write your paper in your own words.

Be sure to include page numbers for the information you use.

You don’t have to worry about format just yet – just type page numbers and author/book name for now.

In either case, you’ll have to work fast and use a lot of online resources to help you finish it quickly.

You postpone your work until the last day for some important reason.After that, carefully check the style in which you have written the main parts of the text while working with the sources.The whole text must be written in one style in order to avoid plagiarism that your professors could notice while reading your work.These could be influential people, historical background, an important event, geographical information, or anything relevant to your subject. Arrange your printed pages (subtopics) in a logical order. When you find a sequence that makes sense, you can cut and paste the pages together into one big file. After you have completed your research, you can prepare your thesis statement it should not be too broad - a thesis shows the main problems related to your research. Your thesis should not be groundbreaking, innovative, or genial - just follow the central direction you have chosen and give the necessary information.Also, don’t forget to write your thesis as the last sentence in your introduction part.You should make a research before creating an outline because you must understand that there is enough supportive information on your topic.You can use various sources but don’t forget that every article you read should have an author. Sites like Wikipedia, despite all the advice not to use it, can help in creating an outline for your text.This way, you can have a look at your paper from another perspective and find mistakes more productively.While proofreading, get rid of all extra sentences that don’t relate to the main topic and check for grammar and spelling mistakes and also check the format of your citations. You must perform the research and document it correctly.


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