65 Successful Business School Application Essays Review

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does not) and eliminating excessive adjectives (“successful” is just as effective as “very successful” and “a long, dangerous, windy path” can be shortened to “a path”). Sonia Sahney Nagar has a BS in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Michigan and an MBA from Harvard Business School. You can find her on her blog or on Twitter at @ssahney or at @smarketplaces.In the absence of a B-school alum, someone with good business sense and writing skills will work just fine, too.In 2005, I heard Indra Nooyi, CEO of Pepsi, speak, and she said something that has stayed with me ever since: “Success is what happens when the passion for what you do outweighs the fatigue of doing it.”Top programs are looking for passionate people—they’re more likely to be successful and, frankly, more interesting to be around.I did have good undergraduate grades and a great GMAT score—but I strongly suspect it was my essays that landed me my acceptances to both Harvard and Stanford.There were a few key principles that helped me when I was writing my essays.From the beginning brainstorming stages to the final read-through, you need people to sanity check what you’re writing to make sure it makes sense and is interesting.Line up one person to be a consistent primary feedback-giver, and plan to touch base with him or her fairly regularly. To help them write the essays that get them accepted into Harvard or any of the country's other top programs, the staff of The Harbus---HBS's student newspaper---have updated and revised their collection of sixty-five actual application essays as well as their detailed analysis of them so that applicants will be able to:* Avoid common pitfalls* Play to their strengths* Get their message across Wherever they are applying, the advice and tested strategies in 65 Successful Harvard Business School Application Essays give business professionals and undergraduates the insider's knowledge to market themselves most effectively and truly own the process. You are inspired, hopeful, accomplished, and eager. Applicants need clear and compelling arguments that grab admissions officers and absolutely refuse to let go.Schools want to know that you understand yourself and what you’re passionate about, that you have interesting examples of how that passion has surfaced in your life, and that you want to channel your passion to do big things after business school.(There you go, beginning, middle, and end to the “what matters most to you and why?


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