5th Grade Student Council Essays

Keep that in mind, and you’ll be right on track as you try to win a student council election!Finding your “why” will play into your campaign slogan and platform, so grab a notebook and start jotting down the reasons why you are running. Pick the one that’s most important to you to focus on.

Why waste the precious little time you have regurgitating was has just been said?

Why not dive head first into a joke, funny story or inspirational quote?

Running for treasurer requires effectively persuading your classmates that you are trustworthy and skilled when it comes to handling money.

One of the most effective ways to convince your fellow students of your appropriateness for the job is through the presentation of an effective and compelling treasurer speech.

Discuss the math courses you've taken or other related experience you have such as depositing money in a student savings account that your parents helped you open at the bank.

Explain your plans if given the opportunity to serve as treasurer.

This starts your speech out on a good foot and begins to endear the audience to you, increasing the likelihood that they will vote in your favor. Tell the audience your name, even if they most likely already know it.

Indicate your grade level and what school activities in which you participate as well as any other tidbits you find appropriate for giving your classmates a glimpse of your character.

At least three days before your speech, you should be practicing it in the mirror and in front of family and friends so that you are ready to deliver it in front of an audience.

At my high school graduation I had the honor of giving a salutatorian speech. Yet years later people who had attended our graduation would come up to me saying that speech had stayed with them. Some of the best speeches you’ll ever hear are filled with powerful or funny narratives that put the listener in the driver seat. It allows the listener to take a break from noticing how hot the room is or how hard the seats are.


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